This painting  shows not only the bond between a mother and her child but also how strong Mursi women are.


The Mursi (or Mun as they refer to themselves) are a surmic ethnic group in Ethiopia where LIP PLATES are a well known aspect. 


The Mursi are probably the last groups in Africa amongst whom it is still the norm for women to wear large pottery, wooden discs, or 'plates,' in their lower lips. Occasionally lip plates are worn to a dance by unmarried women.


Sarra Ben Ftima, is a 21 year-old young self-made artist Tunisian artist painter and a trainee teacher.  Discovered her talent when she was  only11 years, she improved her art skills and techniques, and participating in so many local trainings, events and activities.

She has experience on mural art, calligraphy and painting on acrylic on canvas. In 2019, she won a Tunisian talent competition with the prize of "the Best Drawing Artist". 


As a trainee teacher, she also organizes free art classes for poor children in rural places because she firmly believe that both art and education are the two main weapons of any nation.

Woman with a Lip Plate by Sarra Ben Ftima

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