According to Dalí himself in his autobiography “Salvador Dalí's Secret Life”, one afternoon when he was tired and had a headache, he declined the offer he had to go to the cinema with Gala and some friends, and he stayed at home resting and pondering the super soft shapes inspired by a Camembert cheese that he had just tasted. Suddenly he visualized the soft clocks on a landscape that he had previously painted and began to paint about soft watches. When Gala returned from the cinema, the work was already finished, he showed it to her and she exclaimed "nobody will be able to forget this image after seeing it". 


This was how Dalí created his first melting clock.  Later in the 70s, when Dalí installed in the city of Portlligat (Costa Brava), he worked bronze and sculpture thanks to huge molds. Isidro Clot, businessman and gallery owner, accompanied the artist in this company and made for him a set of sculptures known as the Clot Collection. This scupture belongs to Clot Collection. 

Soft Watch (ca.1975) by Salvador Dalí

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