Artwork is based on Unité d’Habitation building created by Le Corbusier in Marseille..


This artwork is part of the ARQUETIPS Project, a research based on a three-dimensional composition of architectural façades inherited from the modern movement, buildings built between the 50’s and the 70’s, an especially productive period of architecture.


The work interprets the façades as a superposition of the different frames that make up the architectural design. The exterior image of the building is analysed in order to understand it through the decomposition of its different elements (windows, shutters, balconies, overhangs, eaves …), respecting their textures and colours, and revealing their shape and situation with respect to the set through the shadow cast, resulting in abstract art as a consequence of this analysis.


All of them are residential buildings and have in common the façade as a reflection of the diversity of activities involving human life, a rich mosaic made of curtains of different colours, open or closed, light or dark windows, changes in the perception of the volume with different times of day depending on the position of the sun and weather conditions …. All the drawings are unique and different, as are the different images that we would obtain making photos of the buildings at different times or periods of the year, reflection of the life and activity that stays behind.


The first layer is the life. Small changes evidenced by the activity of the inhabitants, the chromatisms provided by the individuals that give the elements their own character.


The second layer adds woodworks, shutters and blinds, moving architectural elements also with a life of its own that, overlapped to the previous layer offers unique results.


The third layer is the one of the shadows caused by the elements that make up these façades, (overhangs, eaves, balconies, terraces, pillars, beams, etc.) all enriched with a lot of elements whose depth adds nuances and volume to the drawings.


The fourth and final layer is the one of the elements located at the far end of the plane of the façade, usually railing, slats, and edges of concrete slabs that sort and unify the drawings reinforcing the perception of a series.


The artist has exhibited in several art galleries including some in Luxembourg, Brussels and Architects Association in  Barcelona. Her work has been exhibited in April 2014 at Can Framis Museum in Barcelona in a collective exhibition with the other two winners of the 2013 Contemporary Art Prize of the Vila Casa Foundation, the most celebrated award in Barcelona. 

Marseille 3 - Le Corbusier (2013) by Silvia Palou

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