Serena Scapagnini was born in 1983 in Rome, Italy. She graduated in Semiotics and History of Religion at La Sapienza Univesity, Rome and she began her art education in Paris (Paris VIII) and then New York, where she studied at the School of Visual Arts.

Rhythm, combined with the transparency of the paper, defines an interior landscape inspired by fluorescent neuroimaging and evokes both the synapse and the intuition of our own light. The paper has become an essential component of her current paintings because of its transparency and delicacy in response to the  smallest chromatic operation. The support is specifically prepared in an acid solution in order to facilitate the image’s rarefaction. Through the variation of density, she unrolls hyperboles of increasing white. Thus the possibility of thoughtlessness that approaches an instant of interior silence.

Hemispheres (2013) by Serena Scapagnini